Making Samples
  • Make samples faster cooperating with our overseas branch and partners.
  • Verify the lens performance using Image Master HR
  • Use Code V, Zemax program
  • Review Flare and make lower sensitivity using Light Tool
  • Code V

  • Light Tool

Design Technique

Items Contents
Infrared Ray Lens Design with 940nm and 1100nm wavelength
Recent design trend changes(extended) 850nm into more than 940nm, IR range.
According to the specification for each application from customers, we can design lenses with more than 940nm IR range.
Telecentric Lens Unlike a normal lens designing, we design a lens letting the ray of the light enter to the sensor in parallel.
It is possible to see the original size of the object regardless of the distance.
Minimize the degradation of resolution due to aberration.
FOVEA Lens With a wide angle lens, we can design a lens focusing on the resolution of the center field by controlling EFL and the image height. (only if customer requests)
Improves the resolution of the center field
Flat-Field Scanning Lens Making the route of the light enter to the center and side of the lens horizontal, we can reduce distortion of both fields.
Reduce the difference of the distortion of the center/side or the video of short distance.
IR-Correction Lens Designing with the compromise of focusing position between Visible light and Infrared light, using ED glasses and aspherical materials.
High-quality images can be implemented for both Day and Night.
Applying an aspherical lens, high performance (Mega pixel) can be secured.
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